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Connect For Marketing started for two important reasons. Coming from a corporate background where I got my start in advertising I found it more challenging then I thought it to be to really be of service to our local small business owners here in Jacksonville. Sure offering quality campaign creation, ad ideas and account management was easy but the price these businesses were asked to pay were completely beyond what they could afford and still maintain a living for their family which is ultimately why they started their business in the first place! We all know advertising is key to spreading and controlling your message but Shane and I want to support our community by giving quality marketing services at a reasonable price. And of course secondly we wanted to create a business in which we could be present for our own family. I thought I’d give our clients and potential clients a little background information on who makes up C4. My partner-in-crime, Shane has been involved in tech unofficially his whole life. His first interest began in the 80’s when he started playing with a then state of the art Apple IIe, learning dos prompt to load exe’s. With his natural curiosity of what makes things tick, he would take apart and reassemble anything including computers until he had a thorough understanding of how they worked. Because of this, since his childhood, people have brought their devices to him with hopes of repair or upgrade, with success in most cases and still continues to do this. Trust me, there is always parts of an electronic pile around my house!

But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, Shane’s curious nature, technical skill and talents makes for 95% of this company as well as amazing father and partner! Officially he has been in business for about 15 years now, repairing computers, phones and other electronics. When working with Shane you will find him to be laid back, consistent and easy to communicate with.

Most of our clients know me, I’m the face you will most likely meet because I love getting out into our community and meeting new people. Our locals offer some amazing products and services that I feel proud to promote.  The creativity of advertising and seeing it evolve while helping other small businesses makes me happy.

We both are family centered and will find a way to be accessible for our clients as equally to our children. We share the same beliefs in seeing the best in people and being a resource to others. I hope with some insight into our company and what we are about you’ll give us a chance to make an impression on your business today!

Yours Truly,

Stacy J



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