Marketing During This Pandemic

Online engagement is surging more than ever with social distancing & safer at home orders in place. Audiences look to social media for their news, touch base with friends & family and to be entertained. With overall digital consumption growing in every department from online gaming, subscription based video streaming to online resources this is not the time to stop speaking to your audience. This is arguably the best time to become a resource, to interact with, entertain or be of service to them. I’ve spoken with copious amounts of business owners feeling guilty about continuing to market their business at this time. My advice to all businesses is to pivot and re-strategize. Your immediate sales and your current bottom line may not be your #1 goal right now but instead emphasize any online products, pre-sales, future sales, creating a community/following or delivery services you may offer. I’ve even seen companies develop different streams of revenue to better serve their communities by re-purposing your employees.

This is the time you should be asking yourself who your  ideal consumer is and then question what would be their concerns during this time? How can you reach them and what message would you send? How can you solve a relevant problem to your industry? Instead of being reactive be SOLUTION based. Businesses are creating amazing solutions to adapt right now. A good example I’ve come across is a pool company utilizing Google Maps, Birds eye view, Zillow and house plans to create a virtual estimate to eliminate that initial house visit, while safely practicing social distancing. Home owners are stuck at home focusing on all the projects they’ve either put off or never noticed before so they are reaching out to entertain that idea for when this self-isolation is over. Your potential customers are sitting ducks, so to speak, and they have your full attention right now. This means when life resumes they are that much closer to closing that gap to the actual sale. I can’t be the only one that wishes I had pulled that trigger on adding a pool at the beginning of summer for my quarantine enjoyment! This is just one of many solutions I’m witnessing businesses come up with to keep their business afloat and relevant. Consumers are restless, rapidly making changes in buying decisions so don’t stop marketing and giving them choices to purchase!

Let’s touch on ad dollars. Your money will go much further with the amount of competition that has backed  off. It’s crazy to think that ad sales are down so much and social media engagement has spiked! Redirect your advertising budgets set aside for trade shows, radio, billboards and conferences to social media and local search marketing.

The most important bottom line here is that no one is immune to this pandemic so let’s do our best to support each other even if that means giving your time, offering your services for free or simply engaging in other businesses that you connect with in their efforts on social media.

At the heart of Connect For Marketing we are about helping businesses create strategies out of their goals and needs no matter what that looks like. What works for one company or industry may not be for you and we understand that. Learning about what makes your business tick from your intentions to your voice of the company C4 develops authentic marketing ideas that are true to your brand and your advertising should reflect that. This is why C4 is offering complimentary advertising consulting on how you can pivot your strategy during this time. We hope to help any small businesses with the skills to adapt and thrive throughout this process.

Stay Healthy and Be kind!


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